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Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear (Medicated) Review

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I was at Guardian with C the other day, and he was buying Eucerin products (so far it works wonders for him as he tried numerous products but had reaction to it, rashes and all) since it was having some promotion, and I saw two ladies holding THIS! 

Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear (Medicated) 

As a kiasu curious singaporean, I went around guardian finding this item they were holding, thinking in my mind that this confirm good else they won't buy!

Found it, and been using it for about 1-2weeks!
My skin is rather sensitive, but not as sensitive as C, or my friend. There are some people who can't even use normal facial foam/soap for sensitive skin. 

I applied it every night without fail, roll it over my pimple/red spots, and my freckles, mainly T-zone area. I had pimple outbreaks due to exams previously and time of the month. My pimples gradually became smaller, and the small white head was formed, and gradually the pimple subside, and the redness reduced gradually. My pimples on my face cleared up better, and better, not totally all yet. It states that it is MEDICATED thus be really careful from letting it get into your eyes when you roll over your T-zone/forehead area. (It's a roll-on, where there's this big silver roller at the tip. Sorry Please do not use it on open wound/cuts! And major reminder: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIMPLES. I had this very bad habit of touching and squeezing my pimples. DO NOT DO THAT AT ALL! 

*Click picture to enlarge for clearer view!

So far this product works for me. If you want faster results, you can always get Retin A to clear up your pimples faster. But the reason why I prefer this over Retin A sometimes, because Retin A causes your face skin to peel quite alot. It's normal because your acnes are going away faster. But, sometimes when you wish to put on make up, and all, it's very hard to put because when you slap your foundation on, your peeling skin can be seen very very obvious. This product does it slower but gradually, not harsh on your skin, and the roller is very cooling. I'm not sure if you can apply day time when you go out but I didn't because I know the sun isn't good for acne spot products. So I just apply it at night!

C bought it for me (thanks!!) at $9.90 from Guardian, use passion card to collect points if you have! But again, not everyone's face is the same. It may work for me but don't work for you. However for me, it works!

Hope this products do help some of you, be it you're male or female! :) Might be good for NS men as I know alot of them break out after entering NS! 

Don't forget to drink plenty of water (not overdosage of cos, there's a lady who drank 7litres in a day and died. 7 litres is ridiculous-.-) Water helps your skin especially in this super hot weather! Don't forget to put your sunblock/sunscreen! If you don't know what to get, you can try NIVEA WHITENING SUN PROTECTOIN COLLAGEN PROTECT SPF 30++ & SPF 22 NONSTICKY that I have reviewed previously! Good product! Been using it, and felt as if nothing was on my face but safe to know that my skin is protected! :)

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