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Monday, June 18, 2012

Thankful for my friend, Ryan who introduced this fabulous confectiionery to me. He told me he and his friend, Kyle, came here to eat their Bean Curd Tart! I was like, "Bean curd?!" Because all i ate before was egg tarts, not bean curd. It's really really a total refreshing occurrence to me.  However, the sad case was, I DID NOT GET TO TASTE IT. Reason: It was sold out and I had to wait for 1 hour for the next batch to be out. Definitely would go back to try! They are famous for many things, pineapple tarts ($8.50 for a container, huge round yummy-looking pineapple tarts. okay they're in a big round ball), coffee cookies, traditional cakes, and many many more. They even have durian sandwich *OMG?*, and other flavours. There is a super wide variety of confectionery and pastries that you can choose from. I heard that during CNY (Chinese New Year), many people still flock there to get their confectioneries and pastries! *WOW*

Where is the location? Well, it's located at parklane mall / paradiz centre further down, and diagonally across this road. The arrow below is pointing directly where the shop it! I know down on the left of the picture where lots of teenagers or people would go there for tau huey and you tiao! 

I have boxed out the shop! A pity it's blocked by a tree :/

Here is their front of the shop, a traditional-design outfront where it brings out the traditional feel of the place.  There are lots of yummy pictures around of what they sell, and you definitely be overwhelmed and pampered with choice! 

You have to go in the left, that's the counter. A lady will be there, however, hmm, she isn't really very friendly-looking but she introduced different types of pastries they have! But I was really disappointed that the bean curd tart was actually sold out :/ Wanted to try that first after my friend raved about it! (Given that my friend and his friend are food lovers who always go around trying different food, I definitely had to try it!)

Prices range depending on what you buy. I didn't spot any menus but price tags are beside each individual pastries, or you could ask the lady! I will definitely try one day, and blog about it! And rave to you guys how yummy it is!

Oh also, the lady recommended to call in advance to reserve, so that you won't face a situation like mine, SOLD OUT! Number and address provided below! 

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