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Just Noodles 面对面 Episode 1

Monday, June 11, 2012

As requested by some people, I decided to typed it out, and post it on my blog here. I have copied all the stalls, price, details, and opening hours of all 15 episodes. The ones they provided (you can view it here where I blogged earlier) are only the top 1 voted information without their opening hours. Imagine you wish to visit there and realise it was closed. So now I have all the information and will post one by one. I did put my blog url as the background of the information as I watched the whole episode, paused, write, paused write painstakingly and I don't wish anyone just ripped the information and repost claiming their own :S Plus xin msn's video functions aren't as user friendly. Sometimes the whole video just stopped and you have to rewatch the whole thing -.- It's very troublesome. Thus, do credit me/ my blog if you wish to repost this information.

Do give me feedback on whether you wish for me to continue posting all 15 episodes one by one, or not interested at all (then I won't bother posting anymore, least even typing it out).

Click to enlarge picture!

Update: I did a nuffnang poll at the side. You guys can just put yes/no !

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