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Hock Lam Beef review

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well since I was around chinatown, the only recommended noodles was Hock Lam Beef! It is the oldest in history, first ever beef bowl stall/shop/outlet/business?

It's located at 22 China Street, #01-01, $6.50 (for regular bowl), 10am-9pm.

Apparently they had some renovation going on.

I love and simply love this place as the price is worth the quality you eat. Plus, the place is SO CLEAN and the staffs service are good, the noodles are nice, and the ambience is superb! :)

I went around 4pm+ and there was rather little people there. Think the crowd comes in after work, and during lunch hours, so make sure you avoid those hours!

The staffs were cleaning the place and wiping the tables as well! Very clean! Love it!

At the counter, they have these options you can look at. According to the show Just Noodles I've blogged about here, Hock Lam's beef are all hand cut. Super thin and chewy! Doesn't this sign reminds you of subway? HAHA.

Tried to do a paranormal of the place , Apologies for the blur picture! Did the best I could. And sorry for the lousy quality of the pictures! :/

As you can see, they have walls of old pictures through many many years. Think since 1911. Correct me if i'm wrong. and behind where i'm sitting, has a large mirror. Good for those who love looking into mirrors and tidy up! They do have a sink at the back of the place, and you can wash your hands! If i'm not wrong they do have toilet as well. :)

Finally our noodles arrive. C ordered Medium size -.- $7.50 for both. I chose kuay tiao for mine, with mixed beef (beef meat, beef balls, beef stomach? etc) Lots of ingredients. C's was the thick white noodles (I call it laksa noodles) and chunky beef and beef slices (it's actually mixed beef without beef balls).

The portion for medium is really alot. Those small eaters can just settle for the regular side. 

Their toppings include salted vegetables, grains of peanuts, and coriander. You can tell them if you don't want some of the toppings. If you did spot, they have xiao bai cai (short leaf veg) inside! Omgsxz! First time I've encountered this.

Their soup is quite nice. (recommend you to take the dry noodles like I did, meaning the sauce and a separate bowl of soup cos their sauce is REALLY NICE). 

I kind of dig out the ingredients so you can see better but somehow the picture is blur. Okay besides short veg, they have tau ghey inside. I love and super love their sauce. It's very delicious, definitely no MSG or any sorts. The more you eat, the better it gets! The beef tendons ARE SUPER SOFT. Not those kind you get outside where you chew like mad and force to swallow it or spit it out or just don't eat it. My bowl of mixed beef, I finished all the mixed beef! It's sooooooooooooo soft! Every single one of them! Super rave abt it! Definitely going back to eat again!

This is their chilli. It's a mix of sour-spicy chilli that goes well with your beef! I dip my beef inside and eat it! It's nice and C & I love it ! :D

You can order their Jolly Bee Ice Jelly to chill yourself down! I did not try that because I'm sticking to my plain water plus I don't really take cold drinks! So those who try please do feed back to me!

I'll post more episodes of noodles addresses soon! Do catch it here!

Update: Went back with my dad to hock lam. Same outlet. the standard kinda dropped to my disappointment. Will not be visiting again any sooner =(

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