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Happy Birthday Edsmond & Baby Alexis!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Today was a meet up gathering with the peeps from STS (Swissotel the Stamford)! I used to be intern there! Sarah brought along baby Alexis and she's such such such a dear little girl! :D She's very friendly, not afraid of strangers, and let us carry her! She's super playful, hyper, and has good appetite! We all simply adore her too much!

(This post will be flooded with her photos!)

To start of this post, this is baby Alexis. Giving a "eh yea?!" look with her tiny cute smirk! Haha! She's sooooooooooo hyper that it can be difficult to capture a photo of her! Oh yes, the group of us met up at Somerset mrt, and went to have dinner at Orchard Central, MEDZS. It was recommended by Liz and Edsmond who have eaten there before and raved about their delicious food plus affordable price.

MEDZS functions like Marche. I did not eat marche before, however, MEDZS did give me a pleasant dining experience there. I chose Grilled Salmon and simply loved it! As seen in the picture below, they said "powered by food junction" so i suppose food junction opened this? I'm not too sure. 

This cost around $14-15. It's very very delicious. I think they only charge GST? And now HSBC, OCBC, POSB, DBS card entitled to 10% discount off your bill. It's located at B2 of Orchard Central. Go try! :D

Yan Jun poked baby Alexis' cheek! And she laughed! Soooooooooo cute right? :D We took lots of pictures of her! And Yan Jun took lots of videos of her even! Haha!

This is Sarah with her baby Alexis! :D

baby Alexis loves Yan Jun's iphone! And even dropped it! However her cuteness overrides everything! And Yan Jun was cuddling Alexis as much as she can! 

See how big she opens her mouth to eat the bread! :D


Liz came in with the cake from cacao7. This cake is rather pricey, BUT of quality. It's really yummy and their chocolates are low carbs. Healthy yet yummy! :D Located at Orchard Central basement as well! oh yes, and Liz was singing happy birthday song for eds! Haha!

Eds with baby Alexis! Same birth dates!

The girls! :D

The Boys!

Happy Birthday Eds!!!!! Grats on your ORD!

baby Alexis sitting and lying comfortably on eds.

A closer view of the cake! 

Yan Jun with baby Alexis. Got her attention by grabbing away Yan Jun's iphone LOL. And Alexis is trying to get it from me while I took this picture!

End off this post with baby Alexis getting so excited with everyone, playing with MEDZS cards! Haha!

After dinner we walked to cacao7, and shopped around orchard before ending our day! During the walk, Alexis was still so hyper and happy! And she danced to the music that 313 was playing Omg! hahahahaha! Babies make you feel like having one your own! Nights everyone!

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