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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Singapore has a few movies of their own. Most common ones are by Jack Neo. I took part in ChurpChurp's twitter contest for "Ghost on Air" and was one of the lucky ones to win a pair of tickets to watch this movie by Zhou Chong Qing (popularly known as Aunty Lucy). I saw this movie being rated 3/5 by others, but still went to watch it. Not solely because it's free but it's good to support local films! Shaw was kind enough to let C and I watch the ones at 5.20pm as the terms and condition stated "Before 5pm" on  Thurs. (well I think because this movie is not showing anymore, today's the last). 

I'm quite terrified of horror movies as I tend to dream/nightmare of what I watch, hear, or think. And I can get insomnia from that. Like listening to glee's song and I couldn't sleep cos the song kept playing in my mind. -.- Or dreaming dinosaurs chasing me because I watched jurassic park. Or dreaming I'm batman. That sorts. and I even dreamt I got raped -.- wts. Super lots of nightmares more than sweet dreams that can cause me to be very fatique in the morning. 

Back to Ghost on Air. I would say it's not very scary. The sound effect sort of prepares you that something is going to pop up on the screen! The plot of the story explains why the characters died. I think the rating 3/5 does explain. Of cos, don't expect horrors like thai films etc. But I think it's pretty alright. The aunty beside me kept laughing. LOL. C said he kinda feel like falling asleep at times =/ 

Went to get a haircut today because I have been loosing quite a lot of hair -.- Due to numerous factors. One is stress from exams. Another is my change in diet. I changed to healthier diet, mainly lower carbs too and lower calories. I think it's very beneficial to me as I have rather very low immunity and get sick very easily. To others, some may think I'm being whinny at just little bit pain or discomfort. Some may think I'm just making small things big, or some may think that I'm weak and *tsk* WEAK. Well, I didn't want myself to get sick. I eat one small pieces of chocolate and spam 2 cups of water, I still get very bad sorethroat and ulcer. I merely cycle to my besties house nearby and I got fever.(wts right-.- think because it has slight drizzle. My bestie cycled with me and she's totally fine -.-) I merely slept late due to exams, and I got cough the next day, plus running nose given that I have sinus and sensitive nose. My skin became very very sensitive as well. Even being healthier now, I still do get sick. But just try to spam water instead of being reliant on medicine. Super jealous of people who don't exercise, eats lots of junk food, and hardly got sick! Wts :( Oh ya, and jelly of those who eat lots of food and don't get fat. LOL. Hais me.

So, to eliminate these problems, I decided to quit being unhealthy. I used to eat lots of fried chicken, pork, beef, basically, red meat. Salt, sugar, are my loves. Chilli, spicy, my favourites. Even oily 3-layered pork (kong bah), are my favourites. So to wrap up, I eat lots of very flavourful food! I don't really like plain stuffs like fish soup *yuck*, steamed fish *major yucks*, and my porridge I would put lots of soya sauce (in the past). After some major thing, and happenings, and my deterioration in health, it slaps me in my face, hello, I must be healthy, eat healthily, because I lack exercise. Ok exercise is damn important. When I exercise, I'm healthy and hardly falls sick. When I enter poly, I totally stopped exercising, my health went downhill -.- I'm still kinda lazy now to move and I know I need start exercising soon *keeping fingers crossed* HAHA. But well, change of diet starts first! I started accepting plain porridge and steamed plain fish. Sometimes adding some soya sauce. Took more vegetables that I used to, and ate more fruits (I can't don't even eat any fruits-.-). Sorry to gross you guys out, but I have very bad constipation problems at times. And since May, I have been eating more fruits than usual (not everyday though), and it really helps my irritated bowel problems and constipation problems! :D So pls do eat more fruits like APPLES. apples are the safest bet! 

Anyway, back to hair problems. I googled why did my hair fall so much! More than any time I experienced. I combed once, and like more than 5 strands came off. just combed once -.- So imagine if I combed my whole head, how many hair falls off! And my best friend, google, told me that sudden change in diet can cause immediate hair loss such as low calories, etc. due to lack of sufficient proteins! Imagine 21+ years of eating so much red meat, and varieties of food, now changed to low salt low sugar, stick to plain water, and plain food. So yea, maybe that explains why. However after reading that, I decided, I should visit my friend, FRIED CHICKEN. So I ate my friend into my tummy - FRIED CHICKEN.

City Square mall basement has this delicious taiwan chicken ($3.80). So yummy and the guy who served me was so friendly, full of smile! I'm totally awed by their service. They have other types as well! Nicer than shi lin! Also, I bought this special egg tart. Must try food!

This is kaya egg tart. Their crust is very special and nice! And their egg custard is so yummy! C tried the coffee chocolate one and he said it's so nice. However it cost $1.40 for 1. If you buy more it's cheaper. A little tip, buy after 8pm! They will clear stock and sell it around $1 each. HAHA.

Today at city square, there is BARBIE EVENT! And barbie & ken + her friends are there to take pictures with cute little darlings! So cool! :D I wanna be mix blood, don't you wish to? :( However I felt that the crowd at city sq wasn't really there, there are so little people at this event. I'm sure barbie felt sad :'(

I watched Ghost on Air at NEX, the seats are so new, clean and more comfortable than other cinemas! Cinemas should have PVC leather seats! Easier to clean and much nicer smell than those cushion cloth types that people might spill drinks, cheese, and all, and have very yucky smell. I remember seeing stomp news on a flash photo of the seats. WTS. 

With sufficient time to walk around, we went to pet safari and I saw this precious little thing. He was lying there at his small cushion ignore people. Sooooo cute! But hyper (given that I have friends who have this breed thou there maybe exceptions). 

Yes there are no photos of my face or C because it's either I take them, or there are no photos because C doesnt take any photos. So it's either photo of him taken by me, or I self-take my own face. LOL.

End this entry with this interesting photo I took at Sheng Siong the other day. Hmm......

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