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Famous Muar Fish Otah

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

So, I'm enjoying this lovely otah while blogging here! This otah was introduced by a friend of mine who have always rave how delicious and yummy it tasted and claimed it as the best otah ever. As being tempted so much by the description and photos he posted, I decided, yes, I would definitely try it! With his help, I manage to get hold a few packs to try them myself.

*sorry for the below picture as I just couldn't know why it would remain as inverted when I uploaded it the right way :/

The picture above is the otah that is highly raved. It cost $3 per pack. 

There are plenty of ways to cook it. 
One is the steam it, what I did was to remove the outer plastic (of the picture above), leaving the inner layer of plastic (shown below the picture), and put it on a plate to steam it. If you have another kind of steamer, you can do without the plate. But please do not remove the plastic shown below as your otah might be soaked wet with water from the steam by the time it is cooked.

Second is to remove all the plastic, and wrap the RAW otah with banana leaf and put on a pan (or happy call if you have), and cook it. It would be more fragrant. 

Difference between steaming and pan-cooking it (NO OIL PLS unless u like), steaming will retain the moisture and the otah would not be soooo dry! I steamed mine and this is how it turns out!

Lovely looking delicious otah that is so fresh, so yummy and soft. It's abit spicy for me, just a little. I wouldn't mind if it's very spicy cos I love it. But it's really vvvvvvvv little spicy only. Almost like an ant bite. For those who fear little spicy, it may be spicy but tolerable for u. Just eat it with bread or rice and it definitely goes well :)

Look at the picture below. Can you see BIG CHUNKS of white fish meat? YES IT'S SO SOFT AND FRESH! Totally no fishy taste (yu xing wei). It's very delicious and soft!

I heard new moon brand sold in supermarkets are not very nice as it's very powdery (maybe they use too much flour/starch). This one don't have powdery taste. Well, not that I tasted any in it. 

So this is my lunch, Muar otah with rice :D Loving it! 

I totally recommend you to get it! You can get at kovan market (except on mondays)! It's $3 per pack! Try it and you won't regret! :D

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