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Review: Hada Labo Cleanser

Friday, May 11, 2012

I just received this sample through mail! And immediate try it out!

I tried it on one half of my face, and the results is satisfying. I have use quite a number of cleanser. Some are very drying. And some feels like your face is still oily.

However this cleanser actually makes my face feels clean, and doesn't feel dry! When I repeatedly cleanse my face, not a lot foam was form which is okay! I find that very foamy cleanser can be kind of dry! (not all though)!

Hope to give the Hada Labo moisturizing milk a try! Heard good raves about it!

Still blogging from phone as I will only have time to send my parts for repair after my exams, 30th may!

Ytd and today I had a paper each. Yesterday's was a total killer. Totally died. Today one was much better. However I didn't manage to finish ;/ think my brain isn't working fast enough. I swear if they give me 4 hours I'm able to complete!

Please bear with my lousy short posts as phone blogging is really limited :( hais. Promise better ones after my computer don't die on me!

Time for more mugging for the last paper!

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