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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Marie saw this act of good cause by Ritz-Carlton and Marriott Hotel where pastry chefs make this chocolate banana cake and they selling it at $30 for 500grams (yes i know it's small but it's for charity!) in conjunction with Mothers' Day coming up the following week! (13 May 2012). It's for the children with clef lips and by doing this small act of kindness will means a total great deal for them!

good cause

You can click on the link or on the picture to direct you to the page as screenshot above.

Alright, there are definitely alot of questions including myself.

1. My mum doesn't like banana cake. I don't think I'm getting.
Well this applies to me, cos my mum don't eat banana cake (never seen her eating and she prefers like pandan cake or hazel nut). However, after pondering, well it's only a small cake and for a good cause, so why not get it? Just eat it and share with whoever who wants to eat?

2. My family don't eat banana cake.
Reply same as above

3. I don't eat banana cake.
Then give it to your relative or neighbour or friends?

Hahahaha! I never really like a taking on banana cake but the main purpose is more of like helping children who needs our help! So, why not! :D Spread the love everyone!

Please note:
if you opt for self collection: you need to go down to Marriott hotel (orchard mrt) or Ritz Carlton to purchase a coupon, and go back there to collect. That will be $28
if you opt for delivery:order before 4th may 2012: it's $2 delivery charge ( total $30)order AFTER 4th may 2012: it's $4 delivery charge ( total $32)

You can repost or tweet: "Charity purpose: Buy a banana choc cake at $30 made by chefs from Ritz Carlton & Marriott for children with clef lips!"!

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