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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Disclaimer: Quite a few ppl thought I'm emo`ing or something happened to me. In fact, no. LOL. I'm too caught up with studying and mugging with exams. However I thought that the quote from my friend was rather true, thus just posted and typed my thoughts / views on that. LOL! Pls do not be mistaken! 

Was talking to one of my friends through msn one night. And my friend saw this quote, or rather paragraph, and pasted it to me. After reading it, I felt "Hey, it happens to me all the time!" Some point of time where we stepped in to another phrase of life, we may think that way, HOWEVER, the other party may felt the exact same way. instead, more than often, we chose to just not "disturb or annoy" that friend, and poof, the contact just disappear. After years, when you meet each other, or even contact each other back, you realise, the familiarity is gone. and how you miss those times where you both are best of friends, or best group of friends.

When you talk to that person everyday that it becomes a natural part of your daily routine. Then suddenly one day, it just stops. No reason. No explanation. They stop putting in the effort to talk to you and you don’t try either because you have no clue why and you don’t want to come off as annoying/clingy. You constantly question yourself why and what you did wrong.
You think about it so much that it bothers you because it feels like a part of you is missing. Your day feels incomplete when you have to suddenly adapt to a new lifestyle without them. Then you see them doing perfectly fine without you. What’s worse is how they made it look so easy. Like you meant nothing to them.

However again, we cannot rule out the possibility that our friends has moved on, do not need our companion, and perhaps have new found friends. Everyone is guilty of that. It's really hard to keep in contact with so many friends especially in Singapore, a competitive society, that even from education to work, you are BUSY. TIME is never enough. However, if possible, do try to keep contact with your friends, even in primary school (DOG LOVERS! Zoey, Melissa, Sheau Wei, Jiemin, Weilan!) or kindergartens if you remember them HAHA. Secondary school (MY HORS! Nicole Wendy Zoey Xiuwen!). Hopefully one day during our common off days/holidays we can meet up for a meal or something. Once in a rare occasion I do meet up with my secondary school mates! :D Miss them alot! :D

Anyway, just thoughts of reality. Haha. Back to mugging~!!

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