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Irresponsible drivers brings accidents

Thursday, May 17, 2012

There has been more and more accidents happening in Singapore. Well, there was one where this man hijack a taxi driver and drove his car away, but lost control. End up hitting a cleaner who was just doing their job. And the cleaner died (sole breadwinner of family)

Yet then again recently, there was the Ferrari accident and from what I saw from the video and news, seriously, is the Ferrari driver's fault. Both the taxi driver and the Japanese passenger died a wrongful death. My friend told me that her sister said there was a person who went to the damaged taxi and stole the Japanese passenger's valuables and ran off. LIKE WHAT? Idk how true is that but if it really happen then seriously that guy/girl should be shot dead-.-

I was having exams and my dad drove me home because I have a morning paper next day and was totally lack of time. And at this traffic light junction, this lorry, huge one. (top of the picture in front, the brown lorry) was actually not moving. The lorry was behind at first with such a huge gap. And when I saw, the driver and 2 passenger beside was sleeping! Okay, you know when you're tired you should not drive? :/ it's super dangerous. And employers also do please understand this and don't make tired workers drive! It's very dangerous. Plus I don't even know do they have a certified driving license. -.- then there was this kind soul teenage guy who came off his bike, went to the lorry and slam their window to wake them up. And walked back his bike.

MRT has problem. Now road has increase number of irresponsible drivers. IMHO, Singapore is small. Abit no point if you want buy such expensive car like Ferrari :S alright even if you do get it, it's impossible to speed like way beyond 200km/hr -.- really tragic. Comfort Delgro is helping them collect donations (taxi driver's family) so if you want to help them you can do so!

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