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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I believe I blogged about this a couple of times! And decided, why not make a link at my side bar for people to locate it easier. I created this facebook group quite some time ago due to finding manpower for jobs that my supervisors (yes different ac hoc jobs) need. Thus, I added my own facebook friends in and gradually people started adding people plus there are interested job seekers who needs to find jobs. More and more employers are posting to recruit people in there as well.

It grew not to only part time or ac hoc job basis but also full time jobs available. I thought it might be a good idea to share as sharing is caring. I constantly monitor the group as no posting of non-job related things in there. Plus, those who are seeking for jobs, DO make a point to scroll down instead of flooding the pages stating "finding a job" that's all. Your inconsiderate post will push down the jobs that people have posted. Please at least DO state your age and qualifications and which timing and industry you prefer.

As attached in the group, there is a document stating information that both job seekers and job posters to take note off. Please do make a point to read if you are new to finding jobs or even posting them. Thank :)

To be able to comment or post in the group, you can click to join the group at top right hand corner (if I remember correctly). Else you can directly contact the job agents through the email or contact number they posted.

This is the facebook group link:

You may wish to click at this image at the side bar >

part time jobs

p.s. yes I know this image above is blur but because the original size was made for the side bar, thus enlarging it cause it to be blur!

Good luck to UOL peeps for their upcoming exams! :D

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