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Monday, April 02, 2012

I went back to Nakhon kitchen to eat again with my family on saturday! As mentioned in my previous blog posts last time, I did raved about this place for thai food. So, you can view it here

So here are the food that we ordered:

Appetizer Spring Roll! Vegetables inside. Definitely yummy with their thai sauce.

New dish we tried. KangKong in thai style. Quite spicy! Different from the usual sambal kangkong we use to order. I prefer this. Though it would be better if it's a little less salty.

Tamarind Sauce Prawns! Love this dish! :D

Sweet and sour fish! Hmm, for this, I would prefer the chicken or pork over fish!

Tried taking all tgt but idk why blogger uploaded my photo and auto tilt it. hmmmm...

and tried this minced meat w basil leaves in pork version! (previously was chicken)

Was super ultra duper full that night. Given that we ate around 9pm, and it's sooooooooo sinful! HAHA. 

Anyway has been hearing about this new mall opening. Beside IMM i think. THEY HAVE ICE SKATING RINK. And it's sooooooooo much better than all that they have last time. They used to have the first one at kallang. I went during pri 5 through my friend's recommendation. Went again with nicole and her sister! They had another one also near IMM last time but it was demolished/rebuilt to what they have this building call JCube. Even kallang one was rebuilt as well! They do have artificial ones at MBS but IMHO, not the same experience as skating on real ice :D

Love ice skating and skii`ing. I'm not a pro, and can hardly balance. But so what! I don't mind falling and trying again because it's sooooo fun! Went skii before during a trip to korea with my family. Mad love korea and I wasn't that crazy about korea till i went there lorhs! Now I super love everything! Even their food. I remember I was staring and eeeking abt what's ddeokbukki. *slaps self* i know it's damn delicious and popular dish among south koreans. Wasted I didn't eat that when i'm in korea and singapore ones, not really that that delicious. 

Anyway back to topic, here are the rates and timings for the skating rink (credit to Klifferd who posted on his facebook sharing with everyone) The price and rates definitely increased compared to last time. The price should be around the same with the existing one at kallang. I'm not sure if JCube one is bigger. Looks bigger though as kallang one seems quite small.

Took this picture from mobile uploads of Kyle on his facebook. Didn't know it's already open! Is the rink hiring anyone to work? :D

And another picture of the skating rink from Klifferd (from his facebook). Looks big and nice right?

I will definitely go there to skate and I think it would be a cool idea to have your wedding there HAHA. COPYRIGHT IDEA ah!!! But i reckon in future there will be people holding weddings or proposals there! If you got this idea from me, credit me & my blog hor (LOL) I must be watching too many korean dramas and shows. Adapted from korean shows!

Oh yes, my friend nicole told me her mum does alot of baking and might be selling her delicious green tea bread, cinnamon rolls, banana chiffon cake, and many more! She told me to try the bread stall at NEX. The japanese restaurants area, there's a Japanese bread shop in there! Heard from Reia that their breads cost around S$2 +/- depending on what you buy, and she says it's better than breadtalk! *WOW* Would go and try it soon, perhaps like this week! (I can't resist good food!) Will blog about it in details soon after I tried and go there!

Ending off with an ahjumma picture of myself taken today and just post or else this post will be too boring with no human face! Haha. 

Shall go back to studying! 1 month more to exams and I'm not even 50% done!

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