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Sunday, April 08, 2012

As per title, I guess many of you may not know what is WattPad. Basically it's a platform for aspiring writers to write their own stories and upload them. Readers like me can download their stories and read them, and even vote if we like it. I have read quite a few stories and can't stop! 

So below is the image of wattpad website!

It's really an amazing platform as it allows people to upload and share their stories. I love the story "Alpha Bloodlines" where it depicted a girl who got abused by her boyfriend like getting 2 ribs dislocated and arms, and all sorts of major injuries. He's very possessive till she met..... I can't be a spoiler right? haha! But is definitely one of the top stories I love! It has won 2011 Watty Award (iirc) Watty Award is through readers' voting on whether they like the stories they read, and something else that I'm not sure and each year 1 story will win! :D Love alpha bloodlines!

However one thing to definitely note that the stories are kinda of "open-minded". To Caucasians or open-minded people it may be okay, (wattpad is PG-13), however to me it's kinda like errrrrrr O_O!!!! Anyway, the storyline is good, just got to fast forward when they talk abt you-know-what. Too much kissing!! :@

Anyway, another great story is Silence. And it has a sequel call Silence II. However, it's quite draggy. So, for those who have no patience (well I have little so I tend to fast forward draggy parts lol), you can try skip or fast forward abit. However, the ending is FAB! It keeps you in suspense why this girl CAN'T TALK FOR 10 OVER YEARS ever since she was 5 years old. Really keeps you frustrated. Haha!

And the recently (5mins ago) story that I read in just 1 day (ok just 4hrs? or less) call "One Night with Price" where this girl call Anna had won a trip to Batonia (can't remember the exact name of the country) and it turns out the winning ticket she got was a stay at some lousy old motel, then she accidentally enters in somewhere, and become one of the 15 ladies to be chosen by the prince zach! Super interesting. and one thing, NOT TOO MUCH OPEN-MINDED-STUFF which i'm glad about it! The story is light-hearted, cute, and totally love the ending especially the epilogue! :D

Enough of raving, I shall go sleep (church tmr! Easter Sunday!!!) and let my phone rest from reading. 

Oh yes, wattapp is available for apple and android! So DOWNLOAD IT AND READ AWAY!!!

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