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Review: Jewelry accessories organizer

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bought this through one of the online deals and it took forever to come. Thus I won't recommend you guys to get from them. My sister mentioned her friend did got one similar one from IKEA, so maybe you all can get from there if you wish to :)

This organizer is very handy and easy to use. Lots of compartment and I won't have my necklaces tangled up. Yes I do not have alooooot of accessories like many girls do! Haha! Maybe more hair clips? Anyway just share and review this hoot I got :)

This is washable as well, of cos do wash it with care as one side is full of plastic compartments and I'm sure you won't want tear it up :) you can keep anything you want. Even your hair accessories, or even erasers, paper clips, anything that can fit :)

I kinda like the side on hanging necklaces especially long ones. I won't have trouble going through the tangles and getting them out! This is much easier and convenient. You can hang this on your cupboard or anywhere you can hook :)

1 more month to exams! Kinda addicted to online shopping. See shuang also happy ^^ nights!

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