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Good Friday, and fruitful saturday!

Monday, April 09, 2012

So then, my brother and I was in for work at 4am in airport. Yes 4am! We didn't sleep at all, and I started preparing for work on Good Friday! First time seeing my brother dress up soo smart! I felt that it suits him well and look really smart!

Took at photo with him after we manage to rest awhile after helping with the setup of the event! And sent to my parents to assure them that we are safe. They have been worrying and couldn't sleep!

Why is there such an early event? Because SQ 747 flight on the plane B747 will be the last time she flies. This last time is given to HongKong! There were loads of people, reporters, and VIPs! Really an eye-opener for me and that very night, I spotted my brother on news LOL! They film the whole venue and he was just nice standing there! Okay I spotted myself and alena inside as well LOL. But cannot see clearly! 

The event was so memorable! The last farewell flight of Boeing 747 :( 

Ended work and otw back homeee! Here's my brother posing for camera! Haha! Since he was really wearing formal that day! Had church later on. Totally dead for the whole day!!!

The following day, met Mr. C to study at NLB. Since we hardly met due to both of us being busy and caught up with exams, studying together was a solution to make our time more productive as well as to sort of uh spend time together? However we didn't talk much as we are in the library duh!!! Their toilet is clean and beautiful okay! Their sink reminds me of Harry Potter's LOL. The part where the snake and the vicious tooth, and they have to destroy the 7 something that belongs to a bad guy's soul or something! And there'd Dobby as well in there! You'll see the picture of the sink in later of this entry!

I always awed by guys who has good handwriting! My dad writes fabs! So does my mum and my sis! Especially my mum's handwriting! :D And I saw Mr. C's handwriting and asked him why must there be a circle above alphabet "i". He replied, "it is cute". Like dots totally.

This is the studying area at NLB level 7. Really quiet and COLD. Those who plan to go there study, PLEASE DO BRING THICK JACKET if you scared cold. If not a cardigan would do.

Here's the Harry Potter sink! Though not super alike but abit like!

And here's Mr. C! I had him helped me carry my books I brought in the totebag! Grateful for that! It was really heavy with other stuffs in it!

After studying (we didn't eat lunch for fear people would grab our spot in the library!!!), we went to the hawker opposite bugis street to eat! Near OG that area. Delicious porridge! $3.50 for 1. I ate century egg with pork poridge. It's sooo yummy! You know, sometimes century eggs have this sour-bitter taste after you bite into them, and it gives a weird feeling. However this porridge's century eggs DO NOT HAVE THAT TASTE! It's reallllly yummmmy! :D Big bowl! So small eaters, you may have to share! :D

Alright, HAPPY BELATED EASTER SUNDAY! :D And Good luck to those who are working today! Jiayousssssssssssssss! Off to study *hides in bed snoring*!

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