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A bowl of hot stuffs

Friday, April 20, 2012

I didn't take a liking to tomyum till I was introduced by C that it was yummy - tomyum homemade noodles soup! With or without dumplings, your choice. It's a spicy sour sweet tasting soup and I usually order mine with fine noodles and C likes it with those big flat noodles that is too "flour"ish for me. I like thin smooth noodles! However the soup is a little too salty (given that my taste now has considerably becoming more merciful on salt and sugar intake).

It didn't stop me from eating them though, of cos I couldn't finish the whole bowl. Not forgetting it comes with anchovies! Anyway, most food courts should sell this. I ate this at Makan Place while I have school.

I ordered mine with dumplings and it comes with 4 huge ones. Don't really like the chives inside but C says it's beneficial to our health. Ate around 1.5 pieces only and gave 2 to C. Lol! Prefer the noodles better!

Craving satisfied! Mission accomplished!

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