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Thursday, March 22, 2012

This very day, today, 21st March 2012, is my cousin, Wenyi's birthday! My family and hers went out together to have a dinner at Hotel Miramar's Fern Cafe. Food wise was, quite alright. This time round they changed a little of their menu. I spammed lots of salmon sashimi. (for those who know about Ikoi Japanese Restaurant). 

It was whole lots of fun hanging out with my cousins and helping our little one celebrate her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENYI! :D 

Didn't take much picture of the food. Reason being: too obsess with eating. HAHA. I do have some pictures in my phone though, however, I think I shall not mix the different quality of pictures together. Haha! The food that are nice namely, chilli crab, salmon sashimi, old melon soup, tempura, pork with onion, and a few more. Can't remember! Didn't eat much dessert cos I don't want to gain lots of weight. :(

This time round I guess I have more human pictures than food. Well probably a good change as some of you may find it boring to just see food pictures. Haha! Since it's a memorable day, more human pictures are good!

Yes this is my pretty young cousin, Wenyi! :D She has really grown sooooo tall! :D Currently still in secondary school! And the jacket she wore is her new love jacket that my aunt (with the help of my sister) bought it for her and it just arrived few days ago (if i'm not wrong)!

This my pretty sister! Very very skinnny! #envy 

Took a picture of Xinyi, Wenyi and my sister! It was rather awkward as we are the ones who went around taking photos in the restaurant. HAHA. Well, the staffs are friendly and allowed us to do so. Not mentioning the cute chef who has been ever so kind to me! keke #woo

Accidentally captured this photo of Xinyi while she was helping to take a shot using my mum's digital camera. I find it pretty interesting and like "moment-feel-like"! Definitely a memory of how like i'm at the background viewing what happened that day that moment!

My brother who is very interested in fashion. Dresses himself well and a popular guy.  Haha! I'm like the most toot-never-dress-up-person :/ I got to start changing! Recently saw this chio boots he bought for himself after working part time at different place. #awesome. Think he wore it today.

Another food picture of this favourite braised pork rib! And desserts on the right. There are definitely more food than the pictures you saw here. However, I do admit I'm abit lazy to go around taking photos as I don't eat all the food, plus, some restaurants do not like people taking photos of their food. I got told off once by the staff of Sakura Buffet at Tampines Safra. #weirdmuch

Ending of this post with a group photo, obviously taken by the waiter. He was fiddling with the camera not knowing how to take a photo. HmmHmm. 

Time to sleep! Didn't know it's alrdy 1am+ when I plan to sleep before 12 tonight. Haven't study anything today. #failed. Nights!

p.s. my sis made oreo truffles today! Took pictures however It's too late to blog! I think she'll blog about it!

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