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Prevent ants on ur food!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Alright, i'm sure you guys have problems like facing those ants crawling up to ur food and infest ur food like mad and you would have no choice but to throw them away right?

Yea! I pass by with my mum at raffles place of this stall that is selling this product from taiwan.

see the bottom of this "plate". It is said to have scientific proof that the ants will crawl up and keep go round, get lost, and follow its path back again.

This is how the front looks like, u can put ur bread or any food on top.

okay i tried drawing this picture of how it looked like. the "logic" behind it. it'll keep going in circle till lost, and walk it's way back.

Verdict: So far so good! No ants on my food! 

Price: 2 for $10. However that day was the last day sale at raffles exchange there. I think they'll open again at buy 10 get 1 free. 1 for $6!

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