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Nakhon Kitchen @ Hougang

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Alright, so here's another food scout I have tried. This place, I have been quite a few times. I must say, it's a restaurant that I haven't yet to get sick off. Which means - It's rather good!

Of cos, I won't comment that it's super-oh-delicious-freaking-nice-like-mad-that-i'm-dying-for because I DO know that everyone has different taste. (but seriously, I freaking LOVE and ADORE this restaurant! *spread arms across*)

I did read reviews on that "this is not authentic thai food, different from what I ate at thailand, etcetc", but of cos there are good reviews saying "the good is good, etc". I mean, as mentioned, one man's meat is another man's poison, right? Well, I can say I'm not food gourmet. I'm just a normal average singaporean! I have been once to thailand when I was very little, thus, if you ask me what's authentic thailand food, what comes to my mind is er, tomyam? sweet thai chilli sauce? LOL. As long as the food taste good, I'll keep eating it. (that's how i fall sick w cough, flu, fever, ulcers, headache by finishing the whole bottle of nutella within 1-2 weeks LOL)

Like I did crave for popiah for a period of time, and stopped eating once I'm satisfied and temporarily "sick" of it cos ate too much lmaos. However, I have yet to be "sick" off food served by nakhon kitchen!

Pictures are clickable, so you can always just enlarge it by clicking! Was planning to eat some teochew porridge with my parents, however, due to no carpark space, my mum suggested this thai food restaurant recommended by her church friends where we ate quite a few times already and my whole family love it!

This place is situated near kovan. It is definitely walkable from kovan mrt. If you do know how to walk to macdonalds' from kovan mrt, then from macs, you just walk straight down till the end of the row of shophouses, till you reach Nakhon Kitchen!

Opening Hours: 

Daily: 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm

Don't be afraid of the queue because it's very VERY fast. The service there is SUPERB! Their service is quick, yet do not lack service quality. Polite, and well, HUNKS AND MUSCULAR THAI service crew with thai ladies! The male service crews are super powerful! Well, me being someone who graduated from hospitality and tourism management, and seen guys of my cohort carrying plates and cutleries as well as working F&B before, and seeing how men work and how much they can carry, I can say, these thai guys can carry much more! It's like they cleared the table within 1-2mins (I dare say just in half a sec), and stack the plates and utensils on just 1 hand, and the remaining on the other steadily! *KUDOS* Even my parents are always so amused and wow by their skills! (got one guy v muscular and handsome okay! ash-colour hair one! woo!) and my mum was saying to bring C to eat here next time after church!

Okay enough of words raving, because there are only 3 of us eating, we didn't order super alot. The portions given here are not normal zi char portions. lesser, but definitely cheaper. 

Example, this appetizer cost about $3? (IIRC) Nice, hot, crispy, and definitely loving the sauce. These are mini spring rolls for appetizers. They have salads like thai mango salad, etc. I'm sorry I did not take photo of the whole menu cos so paiseh where they looking at me snapping 2 pics of the menu. Later they thought I want snatch their business how?!?!?!?! (kiasi)

My mum's favourite! The moment she got hold of the menu, she was telling me, must order this fish! She like! My mum's taste bud is more traditional. She don't eat like jap food, no raw sashimi, not much korean food. She eats more like chinese food and likes fish soup those kind. Not like me so unhealthy (i love fried chicken LOL). 

My family loves this! It's kinda abit spicy. Not super-ultra-spicy! I mean, thai food usually has chilli right? So those cannot take spicy i don't tink u'll eat thai food D: BUT I LOVE THIS DISH. this is minced chicken. they have minced pork too!

The veggie i loveeeeeeeee! I usually don't eat the stalk. but for this, i grabbed the stalk and chew chew chew. my mum says they used big kailan! that's why the stalk like that. and I loveee the mushrooms!

Oh yes, the waiting time is ONLY 5mins? Very fast! 

There are still alot of dishes. However my family don't eat much, thus, we always order the same old thing. Prolly when I get time after exams to come with C, we'll definitely order something else and try different food that the usual ones I eat with my family!

Oh yes, something different and first time ordering. I saw this on the menu where they have lemongrass drink! It's good for your body! Thus, I ordered for myself and my mum! I told the waitress that I didn't want ice in my cup as I couldn't take cold drink and she informed me that it would be rather kinda v sweet if they didn't have ice but she see what she can do! 

I was expecting like a kinda-abit-cold-with-no-or-minimum-ice-lemongrass-drink. And they gave me a warm lemongrass drink! So sweet! I thought they didn't have it warm one! Usually I prefer drinking warm drink! This is perfect! Though I can say it's really quite sweet butbutbut so fragrant!!!! 

My dad's one is the ice milktea. My mum and I ordered for him and I took a sip. I saw many ppl ordering that day thus, I ask the waitress what's that and ordered a cup for my dad HAHA. It is quite a refreshing drink, different from normal milktea we get from the coffeeshop! I can say, it's a must-try for those milktea lovers! $3 a cup! :D

Oh yes, if you did not order any drink, they do have iced plain water served to you! Don't blame them if they didn't give u automatically as not everyone wants it! Just raise ur hand and request for it! Do request if you want a refill! They are just v busy and vvv pack!

Besides these, my dad tried the sauces, and he love the one I pointed out in the picture! He said it tasted abit like prawn paste with other spices and he keep eating that chilli sauce LOL

Not only that, every table has like this roll of toilet paper. Ok, you tell me, which restaurant you go provides tissue/toilet paper that is F-R-E-E?! Not many okay. At least here, they provide toilet paper and I really appreciate it ALOT! (apologies for the failed le me drawing -.-)

Enough of raving about this. (Actually I do have something cool that my mum bought at raffles place to share with you guys. Think I'll leave it for another day!) 

It's really up to you whether you want to give it a try or not! I find it no harm just trying. They do have another outlet at bedok for those who are interested. Try different dishes like green curry or even their fried rice which has pork floss on top! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any enquiries or just wanna say something :D

Address: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-166 Singapore

Tel: +65 6245 5548
    Daily: 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm 

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