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My own qrop!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I read xiaxue's blogpost about qropits where is that square looking code box you can scan and attain information! It's soooooooooooo easy! :D I did one on the profile of myself! Just simple one~

Just download the app "Qropit" for your android or iphone (or apple products) and scan the code! :D

I scanned my own code on my iphone and I'm able to save the contact down even! super easy! Gonna create more keke.

You can create your qrop at! I added my qrop at my profile side bar! :D

Not only that, I added the Qropit widget out of curiosity to see what it is! And it's kinda cool! Because it will pop up only when you mouseover! ^^

Another qrop about this post! So cool right? Next time I just qropit everywhere i go. A pity that qrops can only be created on browser, not on the app itself or phone :(


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