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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My cousin took my super-ultra unglam photo. 

 No1: I don't have a nice smile and I tend to smile widely that expose my top row of gum -UGLY 

No2: I have really wide cheek bones and puffy cheeks. in addition to mono lids. So it kinda makes me look weird when I smile 

 No3: My nose is quite big. and er sharp. There are people who thought I went for surgery for it. which I did  not at all -.-

So, my cousin took it from bottom up, this photo. And is super unglam. She told me to put it as my profile picture and of cos I refuse. After much bugging me with it (LOL), I decided to photoshop, cover my nose and mouth, add some liner, and change colour for photo, adjust my hair a little cos it's vvvv flat. And yea, more "presentable-.-"

So here is it...

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