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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have been catching this show on every Thursday 8pm on Channel 8 regarding noodles! Through voting by our fellow Singaporeans, they vote out the top few noodles that are yummy in Singapore! Of cos, not necessarily that everyone will love the no1 top voted noodles, however i'm sure there are much more yummy food hidden in Singapore yet to be discovered!

*Above picture adapted from

This show is hosted by Kym Ng (She's so candid and fun! :D *loves*) together with a different male mediacorp celeb every week! And everyweek has different types of noodles being aired.

Below table (adapted from is from mediacorp website where they feature each weeks' noodles and which is the top popular noodle!

The Kiasu-Singaporean me has always been following closely to this show, had written down every single store and their price as well as opening/closing timing! I will find time to blog down the information and upload here! Else you can go to xin.msn to watch their episodes - !

The sequence of their show goes by:

1. The oldest standing history noodle store
2. The luxury high-class restaurant noodle
3. The cheapest-yet-valuable-and-nice noodle
4. The top 3 ranking
5. The top 2 ranking
6. The most popular top best voted noodle

Thus look out for their upcoming episode this thurs (next week), on LAKSA!!!!!!!

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