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Insolutions Mask by Leaders

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Recently there has been a rave in korean masks of this particular brand "Insolutions Mask by Leaders". It is said to be one of the most popular mask and there are tons of it being sold everyday esp in Korea. I saw Yutakis' blog post on it, and eventually went to the sole distributor in singapore, and read about it. I'm like 90% convinced by it, (well, given that i have sudden acne breakouts which freaks me out now) thus I went today to Compasspoint Watsons' to grab the mask and signed up for watsons membership too *laughs*!

I always didn't bother signing up for watsons membership because I felt that i wouldn't be buying much from there. However, I think I foresee myself buying insolutions masks (if it's really good), therefore just signed up lo. Anyway it's lifetime membership LOL.

You can read about the masks here and after reading, i think you will also be rather convinced! There are lots of masks available! Think about 8 different kind catered to different skins! I had a hard time choosing it!

So the kiasu me walked around watsons like so many rounds -.- Finally found it! (I asked the watsons staff and she asked me to go to the pharmacy which i went and it's NOT there!!) I found it around the masks area where they do sell hello kitty masks as well! This is how the shelf looks like with the mask.

Thought it would be useful for those who wish to purchase it!

A close-up on the rough information provided there!

My final choices, I went with aquaringer, ac-dressing, mela-tox and collagen lifting. Well, since i'm just gonna try it and see if there's any allergy to my skin or whatsoever, so buy different kinds (taking adv of the current promo buy 3 get 1 free! lol)

I particularly took a favourite to this ac-dressing range where they says it could help reduce minor scars of troubled spots and soothes skin irritation and redness. I get lots of that and really red pimples! Hope this helps! 

Copied this table below from for convenience for anyone who wants to have overview of these masks being sold! 

Can't wait to try the masks! :D Especially during this stressful exam period I'm having now -.-

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