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Monday, March 26, 2012

If you do refer to my food fair post, I did mention about a food costing $1.90 which consist of chee cheong fun, yam cake and fu bei. U can scroll 3 post down (iirc) to review again!

So here is why I'm posting about this.

I found their name card in my bag which that day I got my dad to help me take their namecard. I always do take name cards of good places (well, mostly) as I can always go back there when I crave for their food or recommend to people!

So here are the pictures of the address taken by phone (and I'm doing phone blogging as well so pardon for quality of pictures)

Oh btw $1.90 is special offer food fair price. Idk exactly how much it cost when you go there to eat them!

p.s. i realised i scheduled my food fair post to be publish tmr LOL. so pls wait patiently!

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