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Handphone, Tablet charger review

Monday, March 12, 2012

As usual, got good lobang, I'll share here with you guys! Cos good things must share, and spread the looooooooooooooooove! hahahaha!

Alright, yea, Mr C told me about this charger that he has gotten from gmarket, and he said he tried it out and verdict is: it's good! He's currently holding a samsung note, and a samsung galaxy tablet (iirc) and uses this to charge both! Good point: This charger stops charging after your device is full!

So introducing this charger, memorette MP5000. As from the picture, you can see that the juicey battery has 5000mA Li-Polymer. 5000mA can charge iPhone about 2 times full charge if I'm not wrong. More than enough for me. Usually I just need another half charge that's all. Before this charger, I was using those portable charger where u insert at the bottom of your iphone. That charger died on me in less than 2 months, and Mr C passed me his, and it died on me also again having weird high pitched sound when I'm charging and heats up easily. BUT, that was THAT LAO-POK-1900MA-CHARGER. Now this is different.

I love how the outer furnishing of the charger looks like, given a matt-finished and beautiful round touch to the design. Sleak and nice. Light-weighted. Oh yes, I shall say the price first kay? Now it cost $34+$7shipping cost. Total $41! Original price $50! So you can grab it now! 

Please do read the reviews at the bottom of this gmarket link as some of you may feel that chey only I say is good etc. No! Of cos Mr C read the reviews and lots of them said it's highly recommended. He himself tried the charger. And few months later, which is now, he bought one for me as well! 

This 5000mA juice is not to little and not too much. I know there are groupon offers and even online offers on charger than has 11000mAh juice power, or even more for some. I do know another one that has 11,000mAh that is reliable and good but cost $89. I thought to myself, do I need so much battery juice? Perhaps not. If you are holding an iPad, den maybe you will need such a high amt of juice for your iPad. Else, I feel this is more than sufficient for me! Each to their own preference! :D If you do want to know the lobang of the 11,000mAh power battery juice, you can always tweet me at and I'll pm you the link. The seller is said to have vv good customer service plus includes warranty.

But hey, back to here! 5000mAh from korea! :D I don't really understand the korean words though. Some of you may notice this word "china" at bottom left of the box. Now, even our branded bags like LV are made in china. Meaning their factories are in china. However quality is still there. Don't generalised things made in china aren't good. In fact they are! Obviously if you buy some really cheap stuffs, den it don't expect much! I think this product is assembled in china or something? Anyway, from korea, i'm sure they do have quality control right? :D And so far it hasn't let down Mr C's expectation! 

Unboxing this whole thing gives you the above picture. Bad thing about it, the guide is in korean words. I don't understand about it! Good thing is, this is idiot proof so I don't bother about the guide. To those who don't know how to use it, it's simple. Just read on :)

The above picture, you do see the wire, as well as the 4 adaptor heads in the plastic mold? Yes, they are suppose to connect to each other depending on which model phones you have. Charging anything like camera is possible however I don't guarantee full charge of cos. As said, it's 5000mA, so don't be too ridiculous and say it doesn't charge my dslr full etc -.- Maybe charging compact camera for like emergency last few shots should be okay. I haven't test that yet. So, shall update next time.

Frequently asked question, never give charger point how to charge? Now almost all phone chargers are made in such a way that they have a head 3-pin, connected to a USB wire which is removable. Yes, just use that 3-pin head that's it. And connect using the wire given as shown in the picture above!

And so, the size of this is slightly bigger than my palm (i didn't say the whole hand). I do have small hands, so it's not very big. It's light-weighted for a girl like me, putting all the wires and adaptors into the bag isn't very heavy. 

You can see the hole at the side where u can insert the wire, and charge!

The back of the charger!

And the covered-top USB point! 

Loving this charger so far, because it's SO CHIO LA PLS! T.T Haha! Matt finishing is good in a sense that it doesn't leave finger print! Plus they provide a velvet-touch bag to put ur charger in. How good is that! :D

Alright shall go study :S Been sick and haven't studied much -.-

As said, pictures are clickable for clearer view as it may appear blur due to the high-res of the pictures shrinking to fit this blog.

For more info, just go to

p.s. Just thought of pasting the whole picture info here from gmarket for those who are lazy.

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