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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Well and well. Today really, hais. Let me start my story. (I today special use camera take never use handphone hor! LOL! took pictures while i'm on mask). *pictures are clickable to read on them if you're interested to get them!*

I'm an iPhone user, and I don't deny that iPhone is not perfect. Well, phones and technology don't last right? Of cos they do have problems cropping up here and there. Okay, maybe I'm kinda suay? Idk.

My phone previously had the home button problem where I press so many times and nothing responded. Like pms like that. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Yes I do know that the new ios has the function whereby you can just tab the screen and navigate instead of using the home button again (AH HA, not everyone know hor! If you wan know u can leave a message or pm me or something den I teach u. Kinda lazy to explain here x:) So that point of time i didn't know abt the function till alena taught me (and alena's an android user!!!!!!!!!!!!!) #epicfailsme.

Thus, I went to change my phone (still under warranty) last year and I thought I changed it in December. Forgot where i put the receipt. My 1 year warranty ends Mid Jan 2012. Thus, I thought they might have extended 3 months for me out of kindness. The information counter which I took the queue number from, told me that today is the last day of my warranty. Happy and feeling lucky, I waited for my turn. 

HOWEVER, upon my turn, a stern looking customer service lady serving me was like hmmm in a i'm-not-so-happy-today-and-if-something-bad-happens-i'm-gonna-kick-ur-ass-that-feeling and after hmm`ing for sometime and pressing and clicking her computer, she said, sorry it's not under warranty and I have to pay $350 if I wanna change to another set.


I was like huh?! the counter lady told me today my last day warranty. Ok nvm, being nice, i didn't argue further and let the matter go, considering myself stupid cos i'm freaking lazy and forgot about changing it when I came back from Shanghai. Partly my fault. I not unreasonable ok? and I can't remember when I changed it. I really tot it was dec. hais.

Wasted trip when I thought I was still under warranty and despite still recovering from my sickness I just went out! (of cos I did feel better, at least the fever is gone!) But still! Wasted trip! sms my mum, my sis, my friends to rant abt it. LOL. My mum was like haha! and said just wait till can renew lorhs. I was like HAIS :( 

Okay, forget about that. I just went to centrepoint to claim my groupon which I bought. Yes, I was researching about this company's products saying it's made from dead sea. I know dead sea products are good for skin as I have bought dead sea cleanser and body scrub from other brands before. Thus, after hearing that AHAVA sells good dead sea mask for face, I just bought 2 groupons at an offer of pay $10 for $20 worth! I saw online that it cost $39 bucks, so buying 2 groupon = $40 worth should be able to cover for 1 mask.

So, I went to level 3, found the store, and enter in. Immediately, a middle age lady, who obviously has v good pushing sales skills and vvvv outspoken approached me, and asked if she could be of any help. I oblige and said that I was looking for dead sea mask. I'm kinda happy she took me seriously because I know alot of people kind of don't like students roaming around their stores thinking they are just to see and not to buy and despise them, ignoring them thinking they won't even buy anything. Worse, thinking they might steal things. Okay, I know there are some black sheeps out there so inevitably they will think that way. Thus usually I'll just walk and see myself. Ok back to topic. 

So she showed me and mask and I thought it was the sheet kind. She said nope. I asked her how long can this last? She says 1 year. (125grams worth of mask can last 1 year? o.o") She say use every week! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!~ had my doubts but, well, she said 1 year. Can't argue right since I never use this before! You all can judge from the picture below ba.

Then, I asked how much does it cost. She told me $50! OMG?! Okay I'm not working and is currently a student. $50 to me is alot! But thinking that I have 2 vouchers, which I just need to top up $10 extra! So, I told her I did have the voucher, and I bought 2! She then recommended me the day moisturizer and let me try on my hand. It feels good and not oily! She said it cost $62 and I could use the voucher. One for each product. I was like huh? I can't use both on the mask? Then, I saw the fine print - 1 groupon per transaction.


Usually I DO READ fine prints. Maybe I'm too caught up with researching about the reviews and all and too excited that caused me to make such a no-brainer mistake -.- I really felt like OMG-I'M-GONNA-STRANGLE-AND-KILL-MYSELF and messaged Mr C and told him abt it! Hais! 

Well, since got voucher liao, 2 somemore, and since the mask I heard is good, suan le, just set on the mask. I went around trying to look for the cheeeeeeeeeapestttttttttttttttttt product that can fit within the other voucher of $20 worth. I saw this foot cream at promotion $21! And I was like pretending to be very interested and asked her about it! moreover it has tea tree extract which I heard is good for skin given I have vvvvv dry skin! She told me is good and added "but you can't use the groupon for it. because it's under promotion." Then I went to find for another product, and she said I can't use it either because it's not under groupon! WHAT?! Sad die. 


Fine print
Valid 3 months. Unlimited Groupons per person, may buy multiple as gifts. Limit 1 Groupon per transaction. Not valid with other promotions and discounts. Not valid for Extreme range of products,accessories and services. , Collect at 4 AHAVA outlets:, Centrepoint 03-12, Junction 8 Shopping Centre 01-28B, Marina Square 02-274A, Raffles City Shopping Centre B2-17, See the rules that apply to all deals.

See? Next time must read properly already!!! :( #lessonlearnt

This is not all! The very pek-chek-what-the-omg-i-can-really-faint-thing is that, I finally saw something closer to the voucher value of $20 is this body wash micro-peeling cream wash that is said to be "Best beauty buys 2011 winner of Women's Weekly!" and it's $30!!!! I mean it's of cos ex for a body wash where a normal 1 litre bottle of like a simple johnson baby bath cost like less than $20-.- But at that desperate times calls for desperate measures! This consider oh-my-tian safe life safe pocket!

Obviously I do saw $30 bucks at the price displayed there beside the bottles but I asked anyway about the cost of this product. (of cos must pretend not v price conscious ma LOL.) She said it was $32. I HUH?! Then I just randomly say "but i thought there put it's $30? why isit $32?"

Of cos you all may say, it's only $2 what. Why so kiam about it? Why bother?

Some of you may say that of cos. But to me, I'm just kinda shock why she increase $2 when the price clearly stats $30! funny right? Then she pointed to me, (she pointed at the above picture stating 2011 WINNER), and said "see this? 2011! now 2012. price different. increase $2!". Then she showed me the bottom of the bottle where it stats $32. Please lo! This price tag is like I go value shop they stick that kind of price tag -.- (see 2 pictures down)

Okay, cast price aside, I read the description at the back and it seems quite good. Well, haven't try so I shan't give a verdict yet! Wait till I try then tell you all good anot! If good den these that happen won't be fml liao HAHA.

Saw the $32? -.- I totally speechless. LOL.

Not to mention, the moment I showed her the groupon vouchers at the point where I just looked at the dead sea mask, she held on to both my vouchers and didn't return me, grab the mask and bring it wherever I go. Keep telling me how good it is, and said top up abit only la, can one. Not very ex. And promoting to me almost every products she can! Then she put the products on the cashier counter and tell me go there decide. LOL. Super hard sell sia! Bo bian, Of cos I chose the cheapest, most worth combination, The mask and the Body wash. Top up $42 bucks. Adding in the amount spent on voucher - $42 + $20 = $62!

$62 BUCKS! I CAN EAT ALOT OF THINGS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Ok maybe the only and only slightly tiny comforting thing is she gave me 3 samples. Hand cream, Body Lotion, and Foot cream. (it is vvvvvvvvvvv small hor. like 1/3 of ez link card size only!) Well, but better than nothing. At least she did try to make me into a return customer so that I may come back and buy their products. But on a serious note, if their products are really really good, I'll go back and buy!

Enough of ranting. Here's a picture of the bicycle Mr C bought for me, used for cycling outside, and hanging things in the house! HAHA! Useful right? Sorry for messy background :( 

End off with this super childhood biscuit to intro to you guys - CHICKEN BISCUIT! It's yummy and delicious. Has 2 huge packs inside that you can't finish. Cost $2 odd? Few weeks back NTUC had promo of $1.60 thus my mum bought back 2 boxes for me. Finished all by me myself. This is already my 3rd box LOL. Ok I'm an extremist. If I like something, I'll keep doing doing doing it. 

Bye! Gonna try study! Haven't been studying since I've gotten sick. Plus temptation of korean shows tsk! 

P.S.S Please do click on the pictures if you wanna see them clearly as the original picture resolution is quite high so it may seems unclear when it's shrunk!

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