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A Dog Ride

Thursday, March 01, 2012

So, it started off where C bought this bike for me, and I left it there, unopened, and bags + etc were hanging on the handle and boxes put on the bike LOL! *guilty much* Then mummy put sachi in the basket and she sat in the basket not moving. It will be super ultra cute to bring her on a ride with her sitting in the basket. HOWEVER.............

One fine day (just yesterday), my sis and I brought her down for a ride. (pictures with sis, thus didn't upload here). However the story goes like this..

My sister and I were taking turns to cycle while she's happily sitting in the basket with a cushion so that sachi doesn't have her butt hurting or any sorts. And when my sis was cycling, the very-so-timid-frightened-dog, sachi, JUMPED OFF THE BASKET, and her leash + collar came off her neck, and she was running off!!! *screams shouts*!

I quickly ran after her and caught her while she was trying to poop. The scary thing was, the road was just BESIDE us, and it's the main road, with lots and lots of cars dashing past fast! We almost had our hearts popped out -.-" After which, we just let her walk around and sis carried her as the tired-and-lazy dog didn't want to walk anymore. LOL.

My sis's arms had lots of red markings as sachi kept barking at strangers walking by and she always does that. Imagine how many ppl are jogging, cycling, walking around at the park! Really noisy and she even scratches ur face by accident just to get a view on the stranger and bark at them.

But she's still cute okay! hahahahaha! Ok gonna end here! Study time!!!!!!!

p.s. have you seen IU's Good Day MV in Japanese Version? :D

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