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Daddy's Birthday Lunch at Seafood International!

Friday, March 02, 2012

So with much rave about this restaurant I went a few times, compared to last time, they had some food changed in the menu and replace with others! Can't remember what but anyway, this time round we went eating, the food was quite nice and platable! Ala carte buffet style! Didn't take pictures of the dessert because I was too busy eating. The buffet price is quite affordable as well.

Of cos I didn't say every single food is omg-freaking-so-super-delicous! There are food which I don't really like such as the terriyaki chicken and the steam seabass with tomato sauce. I love the mussels as well as the assorted mushroom with kailan, and some more of others! well let alot of pictures just do some of the talking yea?

Together with my grandma, we went there for lunch as a celebration for my dad's birthday. I personally did feel that the standard seems to drop a little compared to the last time i went there like months ago. LOL. But still okay for me. I mean it's not like MELTS buffet or THE LINE that ex! I think it is a rather good get-together-family lunch place. They only do have buffet for lunch so yea. When we were there, we saw a couple having their solemnization ceremony there! Quite a good serene place as this restaurant is facing East Coast Park. (Basically it's located at Big Splash at East Coast Park! Parking is free if you eat at the restaurant!)

The front of the restaurant where on the right are their live seafood animals and the middle section is the self-service dessert counter where they have cold and hot desserts as well as some cakes, kueh, etc.

The free parking!

The menu and price! You can click image to enlarge it bigger!

Here are the food pictures! Self-explanatory! Sorry for lousy pictures. took with iphone ._.

My grandma is the one who actually drinks tomyam with me! my family members dare not drink this!!! Cool grandma! hahahaha!

Had a great bonding time with my family as well as eating to our hearts' content! You guys can give it a try going there. Unless you are a super-high-quality-gourmet-taster-and-needs-high-quality-food and only eat those top-chef-standard cuisine, otherwise, I would recommend this place! :)

p.s. yea i know it has been really really really long since I've blogged and partly because, I'm busy at school work, and uploading the pictures really really take a whole load of time! will try to blog more often (now is my exam period so maybe after that?), will try share goodies goodies things with you guys if there's any! :D

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