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Chinese Sticky Nian Gao recipe

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Before showing you some pictures of the nian gao. this is just random picture of sweet potato frying in progress!

The Sweet potatoes. I love them! Whether it's bbqed, steamed, boiled, or whatever!

End product! The nian gao after making, and putting in fridge for 1 day, shld fry and look like that too!

Alright, why did I choose to make nian gao? 

No1: Cos it's sweet and yummy

No2: I thought it seems easy.

Thus, I decided to give it a try making it. My first attempt was many weeks back, where I found a recipe and tried making it. Turns out, it failed. Kinda not sticky at all, and hard, er, abit powdery? :( #failed.

Today, in the spur of never-say-die spirit, I decided, try it again. Usually I'll google for recipes, and find alot of the same recipes, but of cos the ingredients may differ, plus the method of cooking may differ. I would read one by one, and try to get tips and knowledge from different cooking mamas, miss, madam, or sir, who posted their recipes online!

I finally just decided to go freestyle, in a sense, just based on feeling. But of cos, I did read this lady's recipe, which makes it seems very easy.

You can see the colour difference from the normal nian gao or the lady's nian gao and mine. Why is that so?

1. Some people choose not to add coconut milk inside. Thus, it will just show the colour of the brown sugar

2. I used the packet white coconut milk, while the lady uses freshly squeezed coconut milk thus, it will not change the colour of the nian gao. 

My grandma uses freshly squeezed, and I seriously don't know how she made them. Her nian gao are the best! Low amt of sugar, because it's way healthier! The ones bought from outside are seriously S-W-E-E-T! 

Anyway this is my 2nd attempt, and it turns out nice! :D Pardon for the side because i tried to remove the nian gao but it's too sticky LOL. Should have refrigerate it first!

The lady's recipe as follows:
500g glutinous rice flour
500g brown sugar
1C thick coconut milk
1C water

I made half the portion. 1C means one cup. and one cup of liquid is about 240g. So, I added about 3/4 cup water, 100g coconut milk (because that's how much I left with in the fridge LOL), 220g glutinous rice flour, and roughly 100g brown sugar. I bought my sugar from hockhua, it comes in block. Break it before dissolving it inside a little bit of water (from the 3/4 cup). I dissolve my sugar under low heat. Remember, LOW HEAT. Because high heat will evaporate the water -.- thus the recipe may not turn out good.

This is really a very important fact BECAUSE, that's the reason i failed my first attempt. Too little water. The more the water, the softer your nian gao is. REMEMBER THIS FACT. Because I realised alot recipes did not state that and I googled so hard and finally found out the reason. For the small bowl above, I steamed about 30mins and use a chopstick and poke in. It did not really stick to my chopstick thus I took it out!

Again, I'm no pro cook. I don't get it what's MEDIUM-HIGH heat because they state to steam in that temperature. Thus, for me, I steamed at (i think is medium) 180 degrees cos I'm using induction cooker. (those portable ones! can save ur gas $$ alot!)

Moving on, this is the batter BEFORE I steam it. You can see how thick it is from the flow. It's not very very thick.

The bowl below is the liquid. It's white as mentioned because of the coconut milk. Some people replace the coconut milk with water. Perfectly fine. Just that coconut milk gives a nice aroma to your nian gao. You can steam it with banana leaves to make it even nicer and authentic. But I don't have it at home so just steam normally lo. And importantly, how to get smooth textured top surface when steaming is to put a cloth over the top while steaming. Cloth is the best because it allows ventilation plus absorb the steam water dripping down from the lid! Water condensed from the steam, if drips down to ur nian gao, will cause it to decolourise plus uneven surface if you did not cover with a cloth!

The amount I made can roughly make around 2 metal bowl. The diameter of the bowl is like 3/5 to 4/5 the length of a pen? Roughly. Around there. 

I'm so gonna get fresh coconut to get their juice and attempt again!

Here are some cute pictures of Sachi! :D 

Saw the blur flowery like image at the back on the window? It is pasted by my sis! She bought it and pasted on the window! Looks prettier in the day!

Her expressions seems lonely but she's not lo! She very hyper and naughty one! 

She's actually looking at the door cos she heard the lift sound *ding*! LOL. And the toy rope (in white and red) that my sis bought for her to play!

Can't wait to try nian gao tmr!

p.s. I did use phone and capture pictures about the food fair however, more excited to share abt this recipe!

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