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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As promised, I blogged about the trip to food fair. This time round, food fair is a little different. There are new stalls around, especially seeing young entrepreneurs setting up their mini stalls selling food as well. There are also new novalty food, which will be posted below. Didn't take much photo, and didn't bring my camera along. So pls do bear with my handphone camera quality. :)

The reason for different colours of the photos is because I'm trying out different effects from online tutorial on photoshop! This explains why my photos this time round are soooooo colourful. Haha!

So arriving at the place, Suntec, seeing banners around! It was rather lots of people (we went on weekdays) however there wasn't much squeezing. Of cos, if you want a seat to eat, you have to wait around 5-10mins and source for one! 

My mum waited for us to arrive while she just walked around herself because our dad picked us up from home to go there for dinner! My pretty fashionable mum and family-man daddy! Love her heels! That's the reason why I said I'm the most no-fashion person in the family LOL.

Of cos, we will always order satay and I ordered otah for myself and dad because only we 2 eat otah! Love otah to bits! :D 

I rave about this fried chicken which started around last year. You can read the description on my photo itself, different from how I usually blog though. 

And yes, THIS IS SUPERB. Damn worth the $1.90! I da baoed and ate it at home and it still taste super-o-delicious!

Tried the chin chow which is ultimate cheap, the duck roll which I did felt abit disappointing, and the thai tapioca dessert w coconut milk! :)

I always love going to food fair though I do know that lesser and lesser people go each year thus probably why they have new stalls there now. Even my katong laksa stall is not there this year! FOR THE FIRST TIME :( I totally miss katong laksa. I WAN ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! :(

Btw, I'm trying out scheduled posts these days. Meaning writing a blog post earlier when I have time, and scheduled it to post at another day! It helps me spread out my posts, keep my blog more alive, as well as let me manage my time! So great! 

I learn this scheduled post from qiuqiu as I'm a reader of her blog! :D

See you!~

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