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Thursday, January 05, 2012

If you did notice, I took out my left side bar, felt that it was unnecessary. Moreover, shoutmix actually took off their free shoutbox service, thus, I decided to take it off, and use comments instead. If you wish to leave a comment, feel free to do so at the bottom of each post :) Else, you can tweet me! or send me an email! Anyway, formspring with their new function, i get spammed unnecessarily. So I don't bother looking at that anymore -.- (Oh wait, I can block those who spammed me!)

Lots and too many photos for my Shanghai trip. This is the one taken by their photographer at Shanghai as part of the tour group itinerary, (of cos we have to pay for it), and I scanned the photo in! :D

Prelims are coming soon and I have yet to start studying. Too many interesting mangas, new dota game that i learnt, and shows! Gosh. :( I better go prepare for school later! :D

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