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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Liz and Hinna has their photoshoot taken yesterday afternoon to commemorate their friendship for years. Received an sms about a week ago whether I am able to help them take some photos during the evening till night. It was definitely such an honour given that I lack experience, skills, knowledge together with my basic camera. I know they said, camera doesn't matter, skills of photographer matters. Yes indeed. However, little part of it, equipment does matter for those pro photographers! Else where do photographers get their super sharp, pretty, and awesomeness photos with their awesomeness skills! I'm always mind-blown by their photos. Awesome!

Okay back to basics. I agreed definitely to their requests! More than willing to help them out if they don't mind me being such a novice! Haha! Edsmond and Nic came along that day. Esp Edsmond who came the same time as I, been a very good "assistant" shifting the chairs around and arranging some stuffs as well as giving a try out in shooting! I must really respect and kowtow to photographers. It is REALLY tiring to help others do photoshoot. Especially outdoor. To get special unique angles, feel, images, and bring out the purpose and meaning of the photos that they want to portray. 

IMG_3899 2

Oh yes, anyway, we went to Vineyard @ Hort Park. Didn't upload the "human" pictures and just uploaded the food ones first. Overall, the food was quite okay. Love the dessert though. I didn't ate much as wasn't that hungry in addition to the upset tummy i had in the afternoon.


The restaurant was really beautiful with nice christmas deco. Price ranges from around $8 to $30 (for appetizers, drinks, desserts, main course, etc). That does not include wines, alcohol, etc.


This is a mixture of nuts, with pomelo and prawns. Dish cost around hmm, $14? with 3 prawns, and lots of pomelo which we didn't finish. 


I don't really know how pizzas taste like as I'm an anti-fan of cheese! Sorry! 


Love this dessert to bits! It's not chocolate. More of butterscotch with caramel! Love it! 

Not mentioning, they service ice water, which has strawberries inside! That's why nic was asking us whether we tasted strawberries when we drink our water! Which afterwards, we spotted strawberries in their water. Amazing. I thought only lemon could be put inside water as a drink. hmm.

For those who want to go there, you can take from habourfront (bus stop opposite seah im), bus 100, 166, or 93 (if I'm not wrong, double check on kay?). About 7 stops later. Then you can spot signs of Hortpark. Just walk straight in =)

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