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Hainanese scissors rice!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having Korean lessons every Tuesday. And after that, will packet dinner home to eat. This week, I decided to try the hainanese scissor rice! I have no idea why is it called scissor rice but well, check it out :)

Located at Kovan, Kovan food court has been just renovated not long ago and their food varieties has improve a lot. Hope their cleanliness stays the same forever! :)

(blogger needs to improve on their mobile blogging with regards to photos. Don't know why photos can be place between words :/)

Nevertheless, the 1st photo is their signboard. I only use phone to take (mobile blogging uh) so only can see signboard lol. Super long queue, but worth the wait.

2nd picture is what I ordered. The food wise is not bad! Ate finish the entire packet LOL! Omg! Cos it's nice. Rate it 4.25/5!

Total damage $4. Abit pricey for food court price. Sorry, hawker centre. Maybe cos they renovated and called food court (no aircon) and is cleaner so more expensive? Even chicken rice at other store raise their price from $2.50 to $2.80 or something.

My house nearby chicken rice also raise price. WHY :( Haish.

Anyway got work tmr. Got to sleep! Don't have motivation to study. Sian. Test this Friday. GG man!

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