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Angelina's birthday! & Shopping at NTUC!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

It was Angelina's 21st party held at Pasir ris Costa Sands chalet! The theme is retro! Thus, explains the colourful board below! There were loads of food (failed to take them as I ate like 2 mountains of beehoon with curry, 4 chicken wings, 4 satays and many other food). Mostly cooked and prepared by Angelina's mum! Awesome! :)

Later, her aunt carried in this humongous cake! A shocking encounter was that A HUGE BUG FLEW IN THE BOX. but luckily, it didn't touch the cake HAHAHAHAHAHA! A blessing in disguise indeed!

She was sooo happy that day, smiling and all, but super busy! can tell how tired she was :(

Happy 21st Birthday Angelina! :D

Yet another day, after school on a Saturday (yes, and yes I do have school on saturday :o)! Went to NEX with Marie and Garie. Super fun. Hehe. We went to broaster chicken to take a look as Marie recommended this! She says it is BETTER than KFC. Gonna give it a try one day yea! :D


Oh yes, Garie recommend this jam! However didn't get it cos I'm not sure whether it's really the one she ate LOL! need confirmation from jaycee x:

Marie's recommendation! She says it's nice :D Shall try it one day! It's on offer till 30th nov!

And last but not least, super fun doing the self checkout at NEX Ntuc! Woo! hahaha! I find that this method is very convenient and faster lo. lessen the queue though. however, i still find most pple going to the counters instead of self checkout. Instead, youngsters are the ones trying this out. For those who are afraid, don't be, there are ntuc staffs helping around that area :D 

Cool or not?? :D

After getting my ingredients from ntuc, I started baking cookies at around 9+pm at night! 

Kneading and kneading as this is my first time trying it out. kinda changed the recipe abit cos didn't have enough time.

randomly just poked a heart out while kneading LOL

Because recipe stated that i need to roll the dough on a plastic sheet, and put in the fridge for several hours. However, not enough time!!! Thus, i just tested 3 cookies and see how it turns out. Tasted, and eh, not that bad. So just baked the whole thing :D

tray by trayyyy!

after it is out :D Chio anot? x: shall bake more again hehehehehe.


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