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Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Friday, October 14, 2011

I was walking around old airport rd hawker centre to search for my dinner few weeks back with my parents. walked and walked around. and finally decided on this long queue char kway tiao. As usual, the soybean curb from lao ban was sold out. Dad didn't know about lao ban existence LOL. and he bought from 51 instead. And we saw lao ban trails a long queue and kinda expected it to be sold out soon = no point queuing.

 Back to main point, this is the stall of char kway tiao.

waited quite long. was cooked by an uncle, and served by an aunty, while there's one more aunty preparing the ingredients. It tasted alright only. Maybe giving a 3/5? Nothing much special. I thought it was very nice given the queue and ordered $4 instead of the standard size, $3! Couldn't finish! haha!

What horrors me when I was queuing, was that I saw a small cockroach crawling in the stall. And there were flies flying on the plate (well flies are common, so are cockroaches), and the aunty uses 1 dirty-looking cloth, to clean the banana leaf on each plate before char kway tiao was put on. Lol. I told my mum about it and she said, nvm just eat. Yea I gobble down as i was very hungry, and added "I just hope i won't find a roach in my food halfway eating" LOL. and my mum said "CHOY!!!!"

 Tmr's marie's 21st party! :D Definitely gonna have loads of fun! :D

p.s. there seems to be a craz over soybean curb now. the cold version. My area bus interchange opens 2 different stores selling them. Tried one of the store - nah, cannot be compared to 51 nor lao ban!

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