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MingJia Korean Food at Bukit Timah Plaza

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here I am posting about another food place I have tried after seeing it being the top 10 list (top 2 actually) on hungrygowhere, a widely used website for food recommendations, I decided to give it a try.

It is located at B1 of Bukit Timah Plaza. Just walk around and you can find it! :)

It is called MingJia Korean Food. Run by a korean ahjumma and chinese lady. A simple store, but yet, sells nice food. 

I have searched for quite a awhile about any recent prices of the food. Couldn't find it. Thus, I thought it might be good if I include this picture of the prices of the dishes sold. There are some at the bottom, but I didn't take them! :)

My try was of cos the recommended by everyone who went there - bibimbap! It used to cost $5 I think. However I got it for 6. Sorry for the picture untilted, I tilted it but when I uploaded, it was not tilted :/ The portion is alot for a girl, thus, I recommend for girls to share this. Their hot pepper sauce is really good, different from korean restaurants I ate in singapore. It is really on par with those that I had in korea in 2008!

Yea some of you may wonder, why isn't it in a stone bowl or something, the really traditional way. Well, I don't have a clue myself, however i swear it taste nice! Haha!

So this is the $6 set which IMO, i feel it's worth! It is very addictive and I'm missing it as I'm typing this post!

Took this pic to show u how big the bowl is. Kinda useless pic i guess LOL. But the portion is alottttttttttttttt! like 2 bowls of rice o.o

Specially and especially love their kimchi to bits! Unlike outside, it taste like the nicest so far I ever tried in singapore. Well do recommend to me other places if u think the korean food is nice :D Samantha recommend me another one that sells better ddeobukki which is kim's family restuarant I think. Will blog about that when I get to try there. 

You can stir in your kimchi with ur bibimbap, else eat it alone. Super nice :D

And not forgetting kelp soup to help balance the highly flavoured bibimbap! :D

Bf chose jjajangmun! Well, I did see at the store, the korean instant noodle pack of ramen and jjajangmum. I was telling bf, why not I go buy and cook them and eat. However he pointed out saying "you buy and cook confirm taste not as nice as this". True, in korea some places do use their manufactured korean ramen / jjajangmum pack and added their own soup base, and ingredients in to make the food taste better. Well, I'm not sure if they did use the seasoning pack that comes with the instant noodles, however, they cooked this noodles texture just nice! super qq! :) I really recommend you to give it a try for those who scared spicy like bibimbap or kimchi (slight spiciness)! :) If i'm not wrong, this cost $5 :)

Close up of the noodles!

Samantha recommend me to try the toufu soup on next visit! Sure i'll try it! Can't wait ! I think I'll try other dishes this saturday! :) And post more about it!


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