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Trying out blogger iPhone app

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogger has now this cool iPhone app and I'm using it to blog now!! Cool eh?

As you can see, the photo shows the print screen of the app im currently using now! But still, cant arrange the photo as and where I want it to be!

Nevertheless, today is my official start of first day of school! Can't procrastinate like previous years! Haha! And to start of with, I had insomnia-.- couldn't sleep till 2am last night as many thoughts were going through my mind.

I really had this passion flame to learn Korean language! (hope to learn Malay too! But not now!) I felt that languages are very important! However, learning Korean in Singapore is really very costly. One course e.g. Basic 1 cost ard $300! It is really costly for a student like me. Not sure whether I should self study and get Korean books or go school to learn. a pity I didn't manage to get in local uni. Else I could start learning free as part of electives in school like how some of my friends does and my bf learning it in ntu soon! Bah :/

I hope to learn as many languages as possible!

Anyway tomorrow has school (yea, I know it's a sat)! Long lectures again!!!

Oh I didn't blog about this funny thing. Okay I always have nightmare. It's kinda irritating to me already as I just want my fruitful sleep!

One day, I dreamt that eating chicken sperm or something and laying / giving birth to an egg will make your face skin flawless and smooth. And I saw my friends did that, I did too! And I gave birth to an egg and got traumatized!! I tried to kill the egg but it kept hopping! And i ran ran ran after the egg, and I woke up panting! Gosh!

Weird dream eh? I think I can collate and make into a book about my dreams already! Hahahaha! They are weird and funny!! And of cos, SCARY TOO!!!!

Shall head to bed already. Nights! ;)

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