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Fish Braid. Cute or not?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I tried tying fish braid myself. Experimenting! this is my first try! :D

Kinda messy though. I find that fish braid suits girls with thin fine hair or those w little hair. it makes ur braid larger unlike the normal ones. so when you add an accessory, it'll look pretty :)

And this is my 2nd try on marie's hair :D critics? there are room for improvements i know hehe :D will praactise harder!

anyway i met the girls for dinner today. it was really fun. girls outing are ALWAYS. fun!

Marie's Garie's Huizi's love. Me and alena doesn't like it. ok i didn't try. cos alena said she tasted cheese in there. I HATE. HATE. cheese. so definitely yucky for me!

This in turn, taste nice! green tea flavour by the looks of it. It is green tea tiramisu :D

this pizza, everyone says it's superb. didn't eat cos it has cheese obviously!

Bimbibap! I wonder why jap restaurants sell bimbibap. kinda weird when it's a korean dish. oh well. not that bad. just that eat will get kinda sick of it.

Alena's beef pepper rice. Verdict: pepper lunch rocks better. :S to me the rice taste like garrett's popcorn. they said i'm weird. -.-

and i forgot to take photo of huizi's noodles. is nice. pork noodles or smthing. just that at first, her noodles were undercooked. so we told the staff, and they changed to a new bowl for her. and she said it was deli-li-liciouuuusss! :D

Last but not least, her dessert. Green tea icecream. Nice! :D

I find this restaurant is not bad. worth the try. We queued more than half an hours. waited dam long. not that bad. jus don't try bimbibap. not worth the money. try the 1st dish i posted. alot pple say nice. and try the chicken katsu thingy, garie say nice! :D

On a side note, i brought this watch to alter the strap size as it's too big for me. A birthday present from boyfriend :D but couldn't bear to wear so keep one side LOL. x: wearing it tmr! yay! Clark's sister's wedding tmr! Sure loads of fun!

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