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Taos' Restaurant again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I spent national day with great marvellous people! My ex colleagues from Swissotel The Stamford! :)

We were all interns there, except for yanjun and liz! It was such fun moments with them when working there! Learnt alot of things and know many great people!

This time, our meet up is at tao's restaurant. I believe I blogged about this restaurant umpteen times so I'll leave out the food part.

Let me intro them, liz and eds. Both very stylish people! Liz even took part in singing show bef - wo yao chang xia qu that one ba! :D Something like the bai wan da ge xin but is in singapore one! It was like last year's thing! Her singing is definitely good! :D

Eds always very style in his dressing! Oh yes, one joke k? My bf usually wears plain tee with berms and slippers even to orchard. But on this day, he wore semi formal and shoes. I asked him why, so surprising sia. He replied, "your this group of friends always wear v nice one. so i also must wear nice" LOL! I kept laughing sia. even when i told liz and yanjun they keep laughing HAHA! Oh yes, eds is a food blogger! you can catch him at
! :D

Next up, Nic! :D Very nice guy, super nice! Stayed same area as me, thus when we end work at STS (short form for swissotel), we go home tgt! A super gentlemen guy! Of cos eds also gentlemen! They both are great guys! :D Very competent at work! and v sporting! :D

Next up, Yan jun! :D She and liz has the same birth date, month and year! Haha. can say they are twins? but not blood related! So coincidence! She knows jap! is good at jap! And very gentle girl! :D Super caring, good listener! and well, marvellous! :D

It's always fun with them around, joking and playing! Such nice moments that remains! Later on, we went to play nation (a road across) and played saboteur! First time playing this game, and it's simple yet captivating!

Okay I'm sure many of you heard of guitar hero. I did, but didn't play before till that day! So fun larhs!! I was kinda addicted to drums x: hehe! and clark sux at drums. He super no rhythm. But he's good at guitar, well, good for a first timer! At least he hit 80-90 score! The best drumer goes to Eds! Partially, he has lots of practise at home w a set that his sis bought some time back! And our singer is Liz! :D haha! we took turns to play each time! Damn fun!

Do you know that there's a offer for playnation?

they have 2 outlets, one at opposite paradiz centre, one at scape! During weekdays, 2-6pm at $8.50++ each person for the entire timeslot. Usual price, $5.50++ per person PER HOUR. How worth it is that! Super worth lahhh!!!

Shall end off this entry with a photo of my noob bf LOL!

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