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Friday, August 19, 2011

Okay out of the blue decided to blog a little though I kinda doubt anyone reads my blog now HAHA.

Okay a photo forced by me to take w my bf and the olive rice w chicken i cooked for him. LOLED. He was busy eating cos he didn't had lunch :S

(anyway, that was another day-.-)

Did you know G2000 at OUB Centre having sales now? price range from $13 to $29 (shoes and apparels) or bags at $49? etc. Got myself a pair of chio shoes. Ok I let my friend see and he says not v nice to him. Clark said it's nice. To me is chio. My sis says look like dancing shoes. So I guess, erm, I say nice can le la x: It's comfortable! So I buy it! I wear more flats than heels! Can't stand walking in heels too long. Will die though I very much want to wear heels :/ My sis can tahan. Power sia.

Went to chinatown for dinner. And yes, there sell lots of food. One of my favourite is the Korean bbq squid :D It is chewy and soft. Unlike those pre-pack made me bite till my teeth could break from it -.- and not mentioning - jaw pain.

Just couldn't think what to upload and saw this funny epic ss my friend took down. You know facebook always have this popup pictures from random albums of ur friends or status that was years back and they pop up at the side? Mine did. and my friend saw and he ss down and tagged me. LOL. On that very day, on 2 different years, I posted these 2 status. LOL.

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