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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

mother's day cupcakes!

I know this is dated back quite long ago. Mothers' Day! I'm not sure if I did blog about this before. :S

Anyway this was ordered by my sis. She actually asked her friend to custom-made these cupcakes for mum's mothers' day and she asked me I wanna share! So nice! So I don't have to brood over to what to give to mum~!

Anyway, it was during our exam period, and sis went to coll the cake personally from her friend! Woots~!

Mum was shocked and happy of cos, first time seeing such beautiful cupcakes till she couldn't bear to eat it! Haha!

p.s. should I keep long fringe or cut short fringe? Can't stand my ugly eyebrows :/

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