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A hard-to-get gathering

Saturday, June 04, 2011

It is really seldom we can match out timings and meet up together. Especially cos zhiwei's working! Haha. Thanks Marie for forgo`ing her outing with her parents and ate dinner with us instead! A pity we didn't shop for Bxx today! HAHA ! Thanks babes for walking with me streets after streets to search for party things ! :)

We had dinner at Crystal Jade @ Bugis Junction. I was craving for char siew pau (different from those coffee shop ones). Theirs are sectioned into 3 portions. Delicious of cos. However, I ordered the glutinous rice with chicken, and it was kinda, hmm, I rate 3/5? Yea.

Taken with my iPhone camera, so don't expect much :)

The current craving char siew pau. Soft and not bad. Didn't had much appetite today. But ate all the paus nevertheless~!

and the rather 腻 glutinous rice with chicken. :S I think noodles are the best! Especially the garlic chicken with noodles! Woots~! Photos should be with marie! Didn't bring out my camera today!

Tested iPhone App, LEME camera. Tried fish eye effect. HAHA.

I think tako look so cute lurhs! (second photo amongst the fish eye). And I apparently have whole face of breakout~! *gasp!*

This camera app has many effects, and you can just shake it, to get a sort of jackpot machine randomise the lens, colours, and camera! :)

Yea try downloading it and play around! :)

*caught zhiwei on cam* teehee.

Cute tako *loves much*

Looking forward to steamboat at Marie's house after she's back from USA.

My bag's spoiling. Need get a new one. And get a moisturizer too! serum. Ahh, guess I need go shopping again soon. Meanwhile, any good lobang few days job that is quite high paying? :(

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