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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hmm quite a few ask me what I like. Idk what to say cos like paiseh like so demanding want pple buy what or smthing.

Just that I don't really want soft toys, or those display object and no further use. Cos I got plenty of those. and I'm going 21! woo! My bed is full of softtoys already! LOL.

Hmm Shawn got me the book I always wanted and caught me by surprise, LKY Hard Truth! HEHE.

And Jiamin babe just told me ytd that she got me a wallet! woo!

I think what I need is like bag? Shoulder carry ? Sling over shoulder?

(Disclaimer: Eh I only randomly find pictures of design that i think is not bad ah.)

I usually buy bag from far east cos it's cheap LOL. But think shenzhen or bangkok cheaper hmmhmm :S

Back to topic, or perhaps moisturizer? toner? serum?

Or watch?

I got my current one I'm always wearing for $9 outside far east LOL. bargained from $10 to $9 with marie tt time!

or clothes?

LOL. idk what i want and anything lurhs. even $5 bugis watch also can la LOL

If still duno, it's okay. Bring...................YOURSELF HERE! You guys are the most important!! JUST COME JUST COME =D

HAHAHAHAHA! come have fun lo! :)

But those busy at work or something and v tired, i can understand. It's okay! :D we can always go out jiak tgt! woo!


p.s. some ask me can give ang pow anot. Can why not lol. I'll save it in the bank and earn interest! :D Woo!

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