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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes we tried to hold on. However, we realize we are holding on is a pile of sand. That one day, what's left is only a few grains left. Nevertheless, I always choose to hold on whatever is remaining. But, things doesn't seem the way we wan it to be. Often so, with a gust of wind, everything's gone. Gone with the wind.

What we wanted, was just to hold on, to get it back. Even if we tried grabbing another pile of sand, it's never the same. Would it be different or better if the sand wasn't grabbed?

I choose to contain my sand in a jar. Even if it's spilled, I'll get a new jar.

However, the sand wants to join back to the ocean. Free from me. I granted its wish.

Though how much I did treasure the sand, it seems to be gone, forever.

Will it ever be back?

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