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New haircut

Thursday, May 19, 2011

After exams call for a new hair cut. Hair length from waist till above chest. How? nice?

Oh, forgot to add, I cut at NEX@Serangoon. Basement level. The hair salon call Mystique. Super good service. Wash cut blow, massage, style~! 6 sessions for $85 (if I never remember wrong). This is uni/poly/jc package. For sec sch students and pri sch is much cheaper! :D

Woots~ And the hairdresser is so cute and patient un-entangling my hair one by one gently! omg!!!~~~ *droools*

Mystique (opp the yoghurt shop)
#B2-35 Nex S556083
Tel: 62835120

did i mention they put serum on ur hair as well? smells damn good! They selling for $32 for a 110ml bottle! Worth it! Good as well!! :)

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