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Clark's Graduation

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Didn't blog for quite some time already~! Went to Clark's graduation. Sat with his sis and mum!

Waited and sat there for quite long sia then they start. And I face limits with the kit lens I got. Thus face cannot really see :S

As always, best part is the buffet spread. BUT HOR, take once liao, buffet gone -.- too many pple grabbing le. Clark's mama power, she managed to go for a second round - desserts HAHA!

After that he took alot photos with his friends. chit chat, and the excitement going on~!

Went to KAP mac for lunch/dinner (combined). Their teacher came, so, they took another shot! Pewpew~!

We wanted to watch Dylan Dog. However only left with front row seats. :( Heard is very nice. Maybe one day I'll go watch ba! :D

Anyone watched this show can give review? :)

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