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Saturday, May 21, 2011


After exams, I went out on Saturday! Yes, I'm kinda free now. Just doing some ad hoc jobs here and there! :)

It was great to be out and all, and definitely, with great people!

It has been long since I've been to bugis again. Quite a refreshing experience. Oh, I bought a double eyelid glue. I've always been dreaming of getting double eyelid. Surgery has its risk. So I decided to try those temporary methods~! First time buying, haven't use, don't really know how to use it and hope it works man! :(

Walking around bugis, feel kinda shy to shoot. Being a beginner, there's alot to be learnt! I think I got to overcome my shyness or paiseh-ness to take some photos! I can do it! Got inspired today, or can say, more motivated today! Definitely agreeing to what people have been saying, "I have not shoot enough!" I just need to keep shooting to learn! Yes yes. I will try! :)

Went down to Haji Lane, and remembered having crazy moments with my girls when we are in poly. A memory definitely to keep. Delving in such a beautiful place, I enjoyed my day alot. Well, shots aren't that good. So, only a photo's up! (the photo in this entry). Still a bad shot though. *sulk*

Fruitful day today! :) Looking forward to days ahead! :)

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