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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Joining the biotherm contest has indeed caused alot of inconvenience for people whom I spammed. For that, I really apologise. Sincerely apologise.

The reason why I joined this contest is because of the 1 year supply of biotherm products which may includes moisturizer, toner, etc. Because since Jan, I didn't have moisturizer and thought this contest might come in handy. Secondly, it can save me alot of money! :)

Through this contest, I really really saw those friends who encouraged me, even those I'm not close with.

I first wanna thank is Ann. Really, she's the first that's so supportive and helped me ask around for votes, constantly, even when I'm being busy studying. For that, I really really felt super touched.

I also want to thank Clarky Superman, who never fail to help me silently, and encourage me, and helped me along the way. Do all he could do. Thanks bf! :D

Not forgetting the edmw photog club gang! Without your support, I don't think I can even get 500+ votes for now! :D Thanks alot! And thanks for letting me post at your walls!

Also, MARIE AND ALENA! Alena pmed her friends to ask them vote for me. Really touched!!!! Thanks alot babe! And marie who encouraged me to first take part in this competition even! :D

Alot more pple to thank like Rick who helped me ask around for votes and retweet my tweets, terence kor who asked his friends to vote, and bestie shawnie who asked even his dad to vote! :D BESTBEST! Haha! Still got too many people to thank! Really!

Through this, though the competition hasn't ended, however my exams are coming. Priorities are exams. I just feel bad to just pull out lidat because I felt that I'm wasting everyone's effort.

Thanks shaz for encouraging me and says it's okay, get top 5 in class! Thanks shazy!!

Thanks everyone whom I failed to mention! Love all of you <3 chiong for exams ahhhh!

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