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Thursday, April 14, 2011

HAHAHAHAH! Okay Maybe i'm giving excuses for myself.

I saw my friend's status putting : You're participating in a race, you overtake the 2nd person, what position are you now?

My immediate ans was : 1ST! and I entered.

Then, everyone start liking my comment. I was thinking, what's wrong sia. Finally after awhile, someone told me, it's 2ND! Thus i realised, YA HOR. omg :(:(:(:(:(

people out there, I'm sure you all also got guess 1st one lorh pls! Don't gekgek!~ HAHAHAHAHA~!

p.s. LOL another friend asked me "u mean 2nd person ahead of u??" LOL!! Like you can't overtake a person behind u right? cos it's OVERTAKE! HAHAHAHAHAH~! no wonder me and my friends are close friends. LOL~ hahahah!

Few minutes later, I saw my friend's photo~! (shall post it up here. I kope from his fb and post so to illustrate my point x:)

And his friend commented: " Well i remember this picture was taken back in 1975, right after that war in Nam. The memories, good men were lost that year."

I felt a little sad and tot these ns men were really v good. Until..........

I saw my friend's face inside -.-" (my friend who's currently same age as me serving ns-.-)

well.............. :(

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